September 5, 2015:

The beginning of the story…

Stefano and Gabriella, roaming through the Ciociaria region looking for a patch of land to cultivate, purchase the first 3.5 hectares of land in the town of Piglio. On that splendid late summer morning, they decided that every so often a dream must come true. Thus they created L’Avventura, producers of happiness.

Their passion for wine, and a return to Stefano’s roots in Lazio, brought them to a commitment: to enhance and exalt Lazio’s native grape variety par excellence – Cesanese. They started producing of various expressions of this grape alongside other tidbits from the area, like Passerina IGT. More land in the towns of La Forma and Gavignano was added to the vineyards in Piglio in 2016. Moreover, an olive grove of about 120 trees opened the way to producing extra virgin olive oil EVO.

The project aroused the curiosity and enthusiasm of friends and family members, and practically from the start, children, nieces and nephews got involved in developing and working with the winery.

There you have it: L’Avventura, truly an adventure

The vineyards of Cesanese di Affile, Cesanese comune, as well as Pinot Nero (a true challenge!) and Passerina produced their first vintage in 2017. Saxa, Campanino and Colline Laziali were the first bottles, joined shortly thereafter by Picchiatello, Amor and Camere Pinte. Arringo, a Cesanese made using the Governo all’uso Toscano method was next, followed only by the rosé called quite simply Rosé.
Even our extra virgin olive oil EVO, called Mattolio, met with an immediate, much appreciated success.

There you have it: L’Avventura, truly an adventure. 

We like challenges.

And we responded to the challenge with determination, dedication and a dash of folly. That’s how a beautiful dream becomes an even more beautiful reality.